The Choir

Cappella Catharinae choir was formed in 1969 by music-master Lars-Ewe Nilsson who was its leader and conductor until 2007 when music-master Hans Vainikainen took over the leadership and the conductor´s baton.
The choir has 49 members. Some are professionals, others just love to sing in a good choir with a good spirit. Some of us have been members of the different choirs of the Katarina Church for more than
35 years!

The repertoire is wide. From Tallis, Bach and Brahms to Bernstein, jazz and ultramodern music. There is of course also the whole repertoire of swedish music. From medival hymns and folkmusic to music of today. The choir is frequently singing on TV and have also recorded a lot of both profane and sacred music..






Kerstin Arrhed Persson

Camilla Appelqvist

Mats Backlund

Peter Bergquist

Ann Bernes

Catharina Bildt

Gunnar Bäckström

HC Ericsson

Jane Billet

Inger Enquist

Anders Forsberg

Mats Gällnö

Caroline Elgh

Karin Fyrö

Olle Gullberg

Henrik Johansson

Anki Eskekärr

Carin Gudmundson

Mats Johansson

Arne Leeb

Sofia Gustafsson

Lina Kåberg Stene

Ola Krondahl

Per-Erik Nordström

Ulrika Halldin

Anne Lindquist Anderberg

Per Landberg

Lars Åke Näsman

Kristina Harlin

Susanne Lindqvist

Fredrik Lindestål

Fredrik Ramsfeldt

Siv Karlsson

Kristina Ljunggren

Erik Ringqvist

Joakim Rydvall

Mariann Klint

Kerstin Ljungström

Lennart Weiss

Marianne Lindblå

Ingrid Mickelin-Fredriksson

Wolfgang Zimmermann


Gunnel Nilsson

Lena Palmqvist


Ingrid Palm

Heléne Riedel


Anna Paues-Giertz

Hanna Ruta

Eva Sassner

Marion Vogel



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